Random thoughts.

Sometimes facing the ugly facts isn’t as bad as what you thought it will be.

If it doesn’t bring you what you want, it teaches you what you DON’T want. 

We are who we choose to be. Nobody’s going to give you anything, you’ve got to go out and earn it. Never leave your key to happiness in someone else’s pocket, and don’t wait on someone else to build your dream life for you.  Be the architect and keeper of your own happiness.

It seem like alot of big brands are starting to work with Coca Cola.

(Source: billidollarbaby)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Give what you want to receive.

You get the best out of others, and every situation, when you give the best of yourself.  Start practicing the golden rule.  If you want love, give love.  If you want friends, be friendly.  If you want money, provide value.  It works.  It really is this simple.

Nothing last forever, enjoy while it last!